Chapter2 The role of vibrometers

1. Where can we use vibrometers?

Vibrometers are used in various fields. Vibration may influence the durability and reliability of the machinery systems of structures. Taking accurate vibration measurements before machinery breaks down, infrastructure is brought to a halt and disaster occur is vital in order to prevent secondary accidents.

Where can we use vibrometers?

2. Applications

  • VM-9201


    Safety management of factories
    For example Safety management of factories
    To prevent machinery breakdown or accident, vibration must be measured regularly and compared with the initial state to pinpoint any potential source of failure.
  • CardVibro Air2

    CardVibro Air2

    Research and development
    For example Research and development
    To develop or invent industrial products with high reliability, measurement results can be used to feed back into product design.
  • SmartVibro(VM-3024H)


    Quality improvement
    For example Quality improvement
    Vibration measurement is essential to enhance product reliability by investigating the cause of problems.
  • SmartVibro(VM-4424H)


    Daily Maintenance
    For example Daily Maintenance
    Daily vibration inspections improve product lifespan.

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